Fireplace Project Update #2 – Ryobi


I have been doing several projects around my house. Finally, the fireplace project is starting to come to a close. I have everything done so far, but the tile. If you want to see the beginning of the project take a look at this post first. Since the last post I have continued to mud and sand several times. Then I have textured, painted, and mounted a TV. I used the Ryobi Paint Station to paint the walls and it worked great! The paint went on smoothly and I couldn’t be happier. It was so easy to use and clean up! I can’t wait to use it when I paint my house. See more about it at the end of this post. Can’t wait till I get the tiling done.

I used the Ryobi Drill to mix the mud for the walls as well as the texture.

photo 5

Here is the current progress:

photo 5

photo 2

photo 4

Here is the information about the Ryobi Paint Station:


When you want to take your painting tasks around the house to the next level, the Ryobi® Paint Station is the perfect solution for your DIY needs. It has variable pressure control that quickly matches pressure requirements for the material that’s being applied. The Ryobi® Paint Station uses high pressure for speed and thick latex materials and low pressure for rolling and thinner materials.


  • Sprays or rolls un-thinned latex and oil-based materials
  • No dilution required
  • Variable pressure reduces overspray
  • 2800 PSI Pump – the perfect solution for your DIY needs
  • Variable pressure control to quickly match pressure requirement for material being applied – high pressure for speed and thick latex materials, low pressure for detail work, rolling and thinner materials
  • Pistol-grip sprayer accepts standard accessories, such as spray tips, extension poles, and high pressure rollers
  • 1-1/8 in. Steel tubing frame with quick-release, folding handle for fast and easy set-up and storage
  • Sprays or rolls oil-based and latex materials
  • Container lid helps prevent spills and fits 3.5 gallon container and most 5 gallon containers
  • Base is compatible with up to 5 gallon container
  • 415 reversible spray tip to clear paint clogs quickly
  • External feed roller is compatible with 9 in. standard rollers up to 3/4 in. nap size
  • 25 ft. high pressure fluid hose to reach distance without having to move the Ryobi® Paint Station
  • 8 in. Never-flat rubber wheels for easy transportation indoors and outdoors
  • On-board accessory storage for convenient access to pistol-grip sprayer, spray tips, roller and high pressure hose
  • Compatible with spray tips found at The Home Depot and


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39 thoughts on “Fireplace Project Update #2 – Ryobi

  1. Oh my goodness-the paint station is perrfect! We are moving to a new house and need to paint. Will definitely check into buying one.

  2. Ryobi is a wonderful brand and haas some fantastic features. It sure made short work of your project lookss great!

  3. The paint station would be absolutely amazing for my family right now!! We have a nursery to get ready & a new bedroom for our boys!

  4. Wow! That fireplace is magnificent! That paint sprayer looks like a dream tool to me. We are in the process of redoing our new (older) home and will be painting every wall in the house.

  5. I would love to have the Ryobi Paint Station. I am always tackling some type of household project. This would have really come in handy when I repainted my deck. Now I want to finish painting my basement hallway. I didn’t even realize Ryobi made anything other than lawn equipment. Thanks for the review. I may just have to get me one of these.

  6. that paint station looks like a great tool to have, especially when living in a new house that needs a lot of new paint!

  7. The Ryobi Paint Station looks and sounds awesome! My husband had bought another brand name sprayer last summer to paint our new wooden fence. It turned out to be a nightmare. Wish we would have had the Ryobi :)

  8. What an awesome product this is. Thanks for the wonderful review on this product. I could definitely use something like this around my house for multiple projects and it would definitely make it much easier.

  9. The Paint Station looks awesome for completing a well-done job to perfection. It looks great on the pic. I whole-heartedly trust the Ryobi brand. It is excellent machinery.

  10. Wow, your fireplace is amazing! What a great job you have done with it. Congratulations and best wishes for many happy uses! I can see what a big help the Ryobi Paint Station was! Your post was so informative and what a great assistant the Ryobi Paint Station makes for all DIY’ers! I sure could use one!

  11. DH is all excited about getting a Ryobi Paint Station now since he is remodeling our bathroom, hallway and laundry room!

  12. I would love to win it because I cut more than just my lawn and my mower is about 10 years old. It will cost too much to fix (pull cord needs replaced) and I can’t afford a new one.

  13. I have been wanting to paint my dining/living room and upstairs hallway for over a year now, but its a big job and will probably take a few days.It would be great to have a Ryobi Paint Station for the job. It might make it alot easier and might take alot less time!

  14. That looks fabulous! Seems like the paint station would be great if you need to cover a lot of space. My parents are always working on something it seems. I bet one of those would come in handy.

  15. Omgoodness-the paint station looks amazingly easy.My hubby would love it!Youve done an amazing job on your fireplace

  16. I’m not very good at DIY projects. Your fireplace looks wonderful! Kudos to you for completing the project with Ryobi’s help.

  17. The Paint station is a SUPER idea wish I had of invented it we have struggles painting room after room time after time Ill be looking into purchasing