Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower and My Landscaping Project



ryobimowerLast year I started one of my many projects, landscaping. This has been a huge project, one which I feel I will never be finished with. We have made so much progress and I am very pleased so far. We started out by carving out a nice parking spot and building a rock wall. We also managed to “find” the waterline while accomplishing that.┬áThen we had to lay a ton of fresh dirt and hydro-seed. They couldn’t get the dirt in my yard, so they dumped 5 yards in the driveway and we had to manually move it all! After what seemed like an eternity of watering, the grass grew. It was such a nice feeling to finally have a lawn to mow. I was so excited to try out my new Ryobi 40v Cordless Mower. It is very easy to handle and cuts like a charm. Not to mention it is light weight. The first time I mowed my car was in the way and I didn’t feel like moving it. So I lifted the mower all by myself over the flower bed! The battery life is excellent, I was able to mow 5-6 times on one battery! Check out some before and afters below.

“Ryobi takes cordless technology to the next level with the new 40V Lithium-ion Outdoor Series. Designed for the perfect marriage of Power and Convenience, this mower is powered by a high-capacity 40V Lithium-ion battery. That means fade-free performance, and longer runtime. This lightweight cordless mower is designed for instant starting, and clean running- with no gas and oil required. With single-lever height adjustment and whisper quiet running, this mower is ideal for small yards and close neighborhoods. All backed by a 3 year warranty, the Ryobi 40V Lithium-ion Mower gives you a great reason to enter the Cordless Age.”

Power: 40V Lithium-ion
Function: Mower
Cut Width: 16 in.
Discharge: Mulch or Bag
Re-Charge: 90 Minutes
Weight: 40 lbs.

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46 thoughts on “Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower and My Landscaping Project

  1. Thank you for the info on this mower. It is not always easy to get personal experience along with the company info on a product.

  2. wow….nice job on the yard!!! and thanx for the info on this lawnmower!!! was curious about how good it would work…my fiance owns all ryobi tools…he’d LOVE to add this to his collection and our lawnmower is about dead!!

  3. I could really use this at our new house. I love that it’s rechargeable and that it’s light weight so that it’s easy to put away in the winter

  4. thanks for the info on this little mower I like how you can just pick it up I can barely move the one we have this would be a great little thing for me to do during the summer so I can have it mowed when the hubby comes in from work

  5. That sounds prefect The lightweight would be great on my messed up back, and the quietness would be a huge plus as to not disturb the neighbors. I must say your before and after pictures are great..

  6. The Before and Afters are awesome! What an inspirational project! Your yard came out very nice. I’m surprised the mower lasts mowing so many times before recharging. That’s great!

  7. It looks beautiful! Hope ‘finding’ the water line wasn’t too big of a problem. We did that at our old house :)

  8. Love the improvement s you made to the yard. This would be a great mower for our yard. Way better than the manual mower I am using now.

  9. I love that it requires no gas or oil. That in itself is awesome. We too started doing some landscaping last year. Of course it doesn’t look as nice as yours yet, but I’m hoping with a little TLC it’ll get there.

  10. That is one gorgeous yard! I love the rock wall too. I may be behind the times but I’ve never heard of a gas and oil-free mower. I love that it runs quietly.

  11. That was a lot of work but it looks great. I could really use a light weight mower. Mine seems like it weighs a ton.

  12. Being lightweight would definitely be a good thing for me (being small and all), but not using gas would be the best thing ever!

  13. Love the review and the Mowing Look Great. Who says Women can’t be Grass caretakers Men seem to have taken over the role. Nice that the Ryobi Mower has a bag that Is so Awesome because I can’t stand grass clippings. My husband knows how to get rid of them. :-) That is so nice of Ryobi to give you this for free. Your going to make one of us a very happy woman.

  14. Starting a new landscaping project may seem stressful but with the right tools and patience. You will soon be able to relax and enjoy looking at what you created.