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I have been busy doing a ton of projects around the house over the last year. I’ve had the chance to use my Ryobi Pressure Washer several times now, and have a few more jobs I plan on getting done this year with it. I first borrowed it out to some friends that own a painting business. They loved it so much, compared to the one they already owned, they ended up going out and buying one for themselves. I also pressure washed my deck early spring of this year and was very pleased with the outcome. This last weekend I pressure washed a van that had been sitting under a tree and couldn’t believe the difference it made. Soon I will be pressure washing my house in preparation for painting it. My favorite feature about the Ryobi pressure washer would have to be how easy it is to start and use. See below for pictures of it in use, as well as some specifications.

RyobiPS (1)

RyobiPS (2)

RyobiPS (3)

Engine Displacement:187 cc
Flow Rate:2.5 GPM
Pump:Axial Cam
Hose Length:25′
Wheel Size:12″
Weight:65 lbs.

Easy-Start 187 cc GCV190 HONDA Gasoline Engine
Idle Down Technology: Decreases fuel consumption and increases runtime, runs up to 40% quieter when trigger is released, increases the life of engine and pump
5-N-1 Nozzle: 0º, 25º, 40º, Long-Range Soap, Short-Range Soap
Includes 25′ PowerFlexTM Ultra Flexible High Pressure Hose
Longer Lasting Maintenance- Free Aluminum Head Pump
Convenient On-Board Detergent Tank

RY80940 Pressure Washer
Trigger Handle
25′ Hose
5-n-1 Nozzle
Spray Wand
12 oz. 10W30 Oil
Operator’s Manual

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35 thoughts on “Ryobi Pressure Washer

  1. Looks like the pressure washer has come in handy. I always need one, but have no idea what to buy. I wi have to take a look at the Ryobi one.

  2. This is one great machine and I could use this for cleaning the house before we start to paint it. I think this would also be great to clean the patio and deck. Ryobi has the best product line. I love the size motor this machine has.

  3. This would really come in handy for cleaning our race car! Dirt and rubber doesn’t come off of sheet metal easily.

  4. The last time my husband was retreating the deck he had to rent a power washer. We’d get good use from owning this power washer.

  5. This would be such a handy tool to own. It would also be great to have so we could help out friends and family. What a difference a pressure washer can make on a house or porch!

  6. Being I am disabled but was raised to be a clean freak: friends continued to ask me what products I used! This would be a great asset to have especially after being injured in an accident & I will be sure to tell them about this company and the manufacturer of the item!

  7. I love having a pressure washer around. It really is great for washing the car, but I love it for when oil drips onto the driveway. It’s so easy to clean it up.

  8. I would love to give my dad one of these to help him was the house! and I am sure he will find lots of things to use it for.

  9. I know Ryobi makes quality products, so I wouldn’t mind getting a pressure washer from Ryobi. I don’t have a house right now, so I am not in a need of a pressure washer, but I will definitely need one in the future, and will look to Ryobi for what I need.

  10. we have been wanting/needing a water pressure for a very long time. This one looks like a super awesome one.

  11. This is making me drool!! I want one so much! No need one on the ranch!! This would save hours of work in a week for me!!

  12. I own this model and i live in Denver, Colorado . I own a small sized sedan and a mid size suv this machine saves me time and most important $$$$$

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