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With gas prices climbing going to the pump can be stressful. Saving money on gas has become a priority of mine. I traded in my gas guzzling SUV for a small fuel efficient car that gets great gas mileage. Although it drives more like a go-kart than my SUV did, it is worth it to me because I save so much money on gas. I also did some research on gas rewards and decided to start shopping at Safeway, because I found that they seem to have the best rewards out there. You can get up to a $1.00 a gallon off! The only frustrating part for me was not being close to a Safeway gas station when I needed gas so I could use my rewards. Well, that isn’t a problem anymore because Safeway now allows you to use your rewards at participating Chevron and Texaco locations. So now it is easier than ever to use your gas rewards and save at the pump!

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24 thoughts on “Safeway Gas Rewards Review and Giveaway

  1. I always buy my gas at Safeway because of the gas rewards. But I did not know if I have gas rewards from Safeway that I can use them at Chevron and Texaco locations. This is great to know in case I am not near a Safeway. Safeway has the best prices on gas!

  2. Would love to win this so I can stalk up on veggies and fruits. I usually shop here because it is the closest grocery store in walking distance with the best quality food.

  3. Getting up to a dollar a gallon off is definitely an incentive for shopping at Safeway, or in my case Tom Thumb. I do like to go there because their store is always so clean and organized.

  4. I shop at safeway all the time. Yesterday I got gas and saved .60 per gal. Instead of $3.69 I got it for $3.09. That’s a big savings for me. Their sales are so great. Everything I bought on sunday was on sale plus I got more off from my card savings and just for you savings.

  5. I love using online to add coupons to my card and make a shopping list. Then saving money on gas on top of that! Wonderful program!

  6. I’ve been shopping at Safeway for most of my life. I have to go to another town now to shop at Safeway, but I can’t get everything I need at my local store and Safeway almost always has what I want. I like that the store I go to now has the gas pumps so that I can use the gas rewards I earn there. I also like that some gas stations in towns that don’t have a Safeway are starting to let you use your Safeway rewards at them. Way to go!

  7. safeway is the closest store to us so we shop there all the time. Love the just4u program. The gas station is already cheaper then the 4 others in town by a tiny bit but the extra savings earned are great

  8. We use Safeway gas all of the time because of the discounts. I earned 18 points so we were able to go up to $1.00 off per gallon last time. That was great!!

  9. We bought a smaller car too. My Tahoe ate the gas faster than I could buy it. And I just found out you can use your points elsewhere. How cool is that?

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