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ryobigeneratorHave you ever went a day without electricity? Once you do you will realize how much you
actually use it. Last year there was a snow storm and I was without power for a week. I really wished I had a generator during that time, even a small one just to heat water and keep the fridge going. There were also times when I was tailgating or camping and thought it sure would be nice to have a portable, yet powerful generator to take along.

The  Ryobi 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator works great in every situation where electricity is needed, but is not always accessible. Since I have gotten mine I have had a short power outage where I was able to hook up some lights as well as my fridge and freezer. I have also been taking it camping with me and it has been very useful. My favorite thing about the Ryobi Generator is how quiet it is! You can still carry on a conversation when it is running without having to scream.

Let’s look at some of the features of the Ryobi generator::


  • On-Board Monitoring System – Power, Over Load, Low Oil Alerts
  • Wheels and Extendable Handle for Easy Transport
  • Parallel Kit Capable – Combine Two Units for Twice the Power (sold separately)
  • Super Quiet: Quieter than a conversation
  • Clean Power: Safe for sensitive electronics
  • Auto-Idle: Runs longer, saves fuel when less power is required
  • 3 Step Easy Starting: Choke, pull start cord and run

The Ryobi Digital Inverter Generator comes with:

  • the Generator,  of course
  • a battery charging cable
  • lubricant for the engine
  • a screwdriver
  • a funnel
  • and the operator’s manual

The Ryobi generator comes completely assembled. All you have to do is put in the oil and gas, and go. Of course, you will want to check the oil before starting, but you don’t have to put oil in every time you use it.

The 12 volt DC outlet is designed to charge vented wet-cell batteries only. Any battery that has the removable caps for replenishing the electrolyte solution fits this criterion. They also suggest not using the unit for “jump-starting” you car as it may damage the electronics of the car.

The unit weighs 51 pounds. I know that sounds like a lot, but Ryobi didn’t want you to struggle too hard. They included wheels and an extendable/retractable handle. This allows you to wheel it wherever you want by yourself. And if it needs to be lifted onto a truck, car, or up Mount Everest, it has two handles so that you and a friend can carry or lift it to wherever you want to go.

It has an LED readout so that you will know if it is powering, overloading, or low on oil. All of these are good to know and you can easily see it on the front panel. The Ryobi Generator also is equipped with circuit breakers in case of an accidental overload. Let’s face it, we aren’t all electrical engineers here and accidents happen, and when it does, you trip a breaker instead of damaging the generator.

If you want to link two of them together, Ryobi has a parallel kit that you can use to link them together for more power. And the parallel kit is no harder than plugging it in and there you go.

I read the operator’s manual before starting and I suggest you do the same. It goes through the do’s and don’ts so that you can enjoy your generator for years to come.

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

31 thoughts on “Ryobi Generator

  1. we, too, have had some problems with power outage (last time was a snake in the transformer, and whole town was out), and it would be nice to have a backup generator. Looking on the Ryobi website at this model, it says it would run 2 1/2 hrs at full load, or 5 hrs a half load — i’m guessing that’s for the 1 gal of fuel, but then you could refuel it?
    We do not camp, but we have had need of running some lights for a float for a Christmas parade — think this just might work.
    Thanks for the review

  2. After going through weeks without power after Sandy, then another week after a snow storm, this sounds like a serious necessity

  3. Oh this sounds wonderful, I live in Texas near the Gulf Coast so we get Hurricanes here, and the last one we lost power for a couple Weeks, this would really come in handy! Thanks for the information.

  4. winter is on the way. A generator in Wisconsin would be very smart to have.This unit sounds very high tech; right up my husbands alley! I love the LED display.

  5. I would love to have one of these. I live in a rural area where it can take days, sometimes weeks, to get the power on when lines go down.

  6. I love that it has warnings to keep us from killing it! Like the oil warning. LOL. Those are important. :D I would love to have one for emergencies. Like being prepared!

  7. I have always been looking for a great generator. Sometimes we have really bad storms go through where I live and I have two small children. It would be nice to be able to keep our refrigerator running.

  8. I have never had to use a generator in a situation without electricity, but going without it is something I did a lot as a child. It always meant we got chicken from the best chicken restaurant I know, haha!

  9. We had an ice storm several years ago and were without power for over a week. Thank God for the gas fireplace in the living room, and for the fact that we had just gotten it filled up a couple of weeks before the storm. We closed off all the bedrooms and the basement and heated the kitchen and living room only and it was tolerable. My MIL was already sick before the storm hit, but without power she couldn’t take her breathing treatments and ended up having to be admitted to the hospital until power was restored. My FIL stayed with us since we had some heat. In the end it was kinda fun, we got to “camp out” in our living room with a fire and sleeping bags. My husband used his truck to charge our cell phones and laptops so we weren’t totally isolated from the whole world. Definitely coulda used a generator, tho, so I could cook. :0)

  10. we have frequent power outages here in the midwest, especially during tornado season and during winter storms. It’s almost a must have to own a generator. And yes, you should read the instructions first if you would like your generator to last longer than a few hours :) believe me, I speak from experience!!!

  11. I have always wanted one of these. They are so nice to have when storms hit or your electric gets knocked out. This one sounds great, thanks for sharing.

  12. I thought I would probably never need a generator. A couple years ago while living in Oklahoma, we had a really bad snow storm come at the end of January. It knocked out power to a ton of people including our house. It was so cold. I told my husband we need to get one just in case. Thanks for sharing your review on Ryobi’s generator. This is the one we’ll probably get.

  13. This looks like it would come in handy during a power outage. The thing about those is you never know when they’ll happen. I always hate to spring for the money now, but I know it could save the entire contents of my fridge in the future.

  14. We live in hurricane country so a generator would be a really practical investment. We don’t currently have one, but there have been times when a generator would have come in handy. I like the design features Ryobi has built into this model to make it easier to use and transport.

  15. This sounds like such an awesome and useful thing to have handy in case of a power outage emergency. We went without power for six hours this summer due to a storm damaging power lines. Since we didn’t know how long the power would be out, we were worried that perishables in the fridge might spoil. We wouldn’t have to worry about that if we had this cool generator. I also love the fact that is is equipped with circuit breakers so that you don’t damage the generator. Cool!

  16. This would be so helpful to have during power outages, especially in the winter. I’ve always thought about purchasing one, but haven’t had the opportunity yet. Thanks so much for the review.

  17. After a week under blankets in a dark, freezing house, eating nothing cooked and without hot coffee — thanks to a massive ice storm — we stocked up on emergency supplies. But so far we haven’t been able to afford a generator. This one looks good. When I can manage the cost I’ll look first at the Ryobi.

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